thank you!


 If you're a Ling Skincare fan, you know that gratitude is a big part

of our philosophy. So we're saying thanks to YOU, our amazing clients, with select $50 treatments from October 16th - 30th. These treatments can be booked on their own or added on to any of our other facials!  

Ultra Peel

20 min
This 20 minute treatment uses advanced ultrasonic vibrations to effectively and painlessly remove dead skin, dirt, and debris. It is so gentle that there is literally no down time! These ultrasonic waves are shown to stimulate healthy skin cell movement which will improve blood and lymph circulation, as well as the skin's metabolism and regeneration of cells.


Triple Peel

20 min
This 20 minute treatment consists of three peels that will gently exfoliate the skin allowing fresh cells to emerge for a renewed complexion. The first peel is a light glycolic fruit acid peel (AHAs) which works to soften the top layer of the skin to remove dead skin cells and kill acne-causing bacteria. Next, a natural papaya enzyme peel is applied to dissolve and digest superficial skin impurities, sebum, and dead, unhealthy skin cells. The third and final peel is acid-free and uses the body's own static electric charge and friction to loosen bonds between healthy and dead skin cells to remove any remaining buildup.


Ultrasound Infusion

20 min
This 20 minute treatment is highly effective for increasing the penetration of vital nutrients to hydrate and nourish the lower layers of the skin. Your esthetician will create a custom blend of targeted serum solutions for your skin type that will be infused by powerful waves of ultrasonic energy (up to 1 million ultrasonic vibrations per second) which can drive active ingredients 4,000 times deeper than applying serums and creams topically.


Energy Lift for Face

20 min
This 20 minute treatment utilizes a heated tourmaline gemstone to emit powerful, healthy negative ions and far-infrared rays - the same healing energy we get from the sun without the harmful rays. By applying this precious gemstone to the face at special acupoints, you will experience a one of a kind treatment to uplift your face and spirit. Benefits include increased circulation, collagen production, lymphatic drainage, stress reduction, improved brain alertness, better mood, enhanced relaxation, and a balanced chi energy flow.


Oxygen Spray Infusion

20 min
This 20 minute treatment combines a high-powered stream of air with a custom blend of serums specific to your skin type to penetrate the pores for enhanced effectiveness. Using the combination of oxygen and custom serums, moisture levels are replenished while increasing cell regeneration to accelerate the skin healing process, soothe any irritation or inflammation, and diminish pore size. The perfect finishing treatment after exfoliation!


Hydro Peel

20 min
This 20 minute saline spray treatment works to sterilize and kill bacteria while irrigating the pores to remove surface level congestion from the skin. Promotes a healthy complexion by increasing blood circulation and actively supplying the skin with moisture.


FeeLING to HeaLING Massage

30 min
A natural blend of customized essential oils is combined to treat a variety of medical conditions: The ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, increase energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, alleviate pain, improve digestion, heal skin conditions and increase circulation, also beneficial for children diagnosed with symptoms of A.D.D., A.D.H.D., Autism and

Asperger Syndromes.

(Please note: massage cannot be added onto a facial.)