Uplift Face & Defy Aging

30 min | $60

An instantly visible, safe, and dramatic ‘WOW’ facelift in a chair! A customized cocktail of Ling Solution serums are infused into the face with our Ling Energy Lift* to lift, tone, and contour. Your face will instantly look younger, rejuvenated, and slimmer. Regain the youthful face you had 5-10 years ago! 

Recommended for promoting self-confidence before that big job interview, first date, or photo shoot!

Detox & Peel

30 min | $60

Instantly detox, peel, and purify your complexion with a safe and natural malic acid peel from organic apples to help exfoliate away dead cells, impurities, and decongest clogged pores. Ling’s detoxifying FIR (Far Infrared Ray) energy is infused into the face and neck to instantly stimulate lymphatic drainage and dispel excess water retention. Complexion will be dramatically cleaner, clearer, and appear healthier!

Recommended for treating acne, blemishes, congestion, puffiness of face, and clarifying uneven complexion.

Destress & Rejuvenate

30 min | $60

Instantly experience your inner zen with this relaxing and energizing treatment with an infusion of Far Infrared Ray healing energy. First, we apply a hydrating Ginseng Collagen Infusion Mask, then select an organic aromatherapy balm to be massaged into the neck and shoulders, followed  by a therapeutic FIR infusion to relax face, neck and shoulder area.

Recommended for treating tiredness, boosting energy level, overcoming jet lag, hangovers, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Depuff & Awaken

30 min | $60

Instantly wake up your eyes with a soothing infusion of Far Infrared Ray energy to rejuvenate tired eyes and diminish the not-enough-sleep panda eye look. You will look and feel refreshed, a truly eye opening experience!

Recommended for instantly rejuvenating tired eyes, de-puffing under-eye bags, dissolving dark circles, diminishing wrinkles, crow’s feet, and lifting brow area.

Revive & Brighten

30 min | $60

Instantly resuscitate your skin back to life with our award winning SparkLING Makeover O2 Mask using carboxy technology to stimulate oxygen circulation to boost skin radiance and firm skin contour. Far Infrared Ray energy is infused to increase blood and oxygen circulation to promote rapid skin recovery and stimulate collagen production to reveal a healthier, glowing complexion.

Recommended for reversing dull, tired, uneven complexion, and stimulating natural healing of skin.